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R&D Capacity-Production Capacity


structureµ-nano pattern design and development capabilities


The Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has the full industrial chain capability from micro-nano film design to optical component production.

1: Design and development of pattern;

2: Design and development of 3D micro-structure;

3: We can combine the substrate, film, micro-pattern,micro-structure;

development and manufacturing micro-nano film


Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has many years of experience in evaporation and sputtering coating. With high precision measuring instruments, we can develop various 10-1000nm film and Composite film; the uniformity of the film can reach the level of (+3%).

 Especially in Cr film, Ag film, ITO, AZO, dielectric film and other  Composite film with rich development and manufacturing capacity;

high-flatness material manufacturing capability


1: Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company achieves the processing capability of super-hard materials with a flatness of 1-2 um in the range of Ф200 mm;

2: Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has the ability of wire cutting, grinding and polishing of super-hard materials such as quartz, ceramic, SiC and carbon materials;

design development capability


Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has optical design and development capability in the 193-400nm Ultraviolet wavelength,400-760visible light

wavelength,760nm-2000nm Infrared wavelength;

Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has various high-precision measuring instruments to ensure the stability of optical parameters;

Customized Machining Ability of Abnormity


Shaoguang Chrome Blank Company has the customizable complex shaped product  capability, which can meet the needs of small batch sample development and testing; Able to carry on the pro-phase special-shaped model development for the customer; Able to realize mass production after development and finalization.

Super clean, low defect production support capability


The company has over 1000 square meters of class 10-100 ultra-clean workshop;

With IC level process production equipment, we can achieve the production quality control ability of low defect density;