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Mobile phone

Partition board & calibration plate series
Heterogeneous chromium plate, also known as "mask substrate" and "mask substrate"
The leveling chromium plate is the basic supporting material of electronic information technology, and the best processing carrier from design to graphics realization for micro-and nano-fabrication nowadays.
Heterogeneous chromium plate has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, low defect density, good wear resistance, easy cleaning and long service life. It is widely used in IC, LCD, TP, LED, precision optics, biochip and other masks.
Relying on our own chrome plate materials, we can meet the special needs of multi-shape size, more than 1 micron line width design-Special customization requirements; we can process different materials of photomask graphics customization; such as various glass, ceramics, sapphire, metal micro-nano graphics processing programs;
The dividing board is an optical glass element with a dividing compact line on a very thin surface.
Generally installed in telescopes, surveyors, gun aiming and other optical lenses;
Shaoguang Chromium Edition has been supporting our micro reticl optical products, and has been contributing our strength to the renewal of our country's weapons and equipment.
Calibration board
Lens distortion correction plays an important role in machine vision, image measurement, photogrammetry, three-dimensional reconstruction and other applications.
Shaoguang chromium plate can produce calibration plates with ultra-high precision (up to (+0.1um), ultra-high contrast and various materials (glass, ceramics, sapphire, etc.).
Glass codes are corroded on the chromium plated glass surface to produce bright and dark codes, which have good thermal stability and high accuracy.
Shaoguang chrome plate adopts IC grade process and the whole process production line, which can satisfy customer's high precision and customized demand very well.

Shaoguang chromium plate has been innovating with the accumulation of micro-nano film technology. In the past two years, we have developed the first substrate material and unique technology for optical diffraction micro-structure mould of mobile phone 3D cover plate in China, which has contributed to the innovation of mobile phone industry in our country, and this is a typical case of innovation promoting development.

Shaoguang chromium plate can design and produce light diffraction elements according to the effect of customer demand.


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